Igniting Downtown Raleigh


Located at 510 Glenwood Avenue, bigboom brings something new and exciting to Downtown Raleigh.

Raleigh restaurant veterans Vincent Barresi and Christopher Bender have joined forces to take BigBoom to new heights and set the standard in modern, fresh cuisine. You’ll recognize Barresi from Vincent’s Italian Cuisine in North Raleigh and Bender as the owner of Wicked Smile and creator of Five Star in Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District.

Big Boom is nothing like Glenwood South has seen before, as it merges old school, classic cuisine with modern, edgy interiors. It appeals to those who desire intriguing food with a unique, fresh ambiance.


A Fresh Take On The Classics

From timeless pastas to tasty seafood, out menu takes tried and true favorites and adds spins on these classic dishes. BigBoom’s drinks are the perfect complement to one of out meals or can easily stand alone.

Hanging out with old friends or meeting new people is easy in out friendly environment, taking you back with graffiti, comic book graphics, and metal decor. Whether you are new to the Raleigh area or have lived here for years, Big Boom will become your go-to place for an impressive meal and delicious drinks.

Are you looking to visit a cutting edge place to eat in Downtown Raleigh? You can find it at BigBoom. Visit our restaurant on Glenwood South today to see what all the excitement is about.


BigBoom is proud to bring intriguing foods and an edgy environment to Downtown Raleigh through our new restaurant on Glenwood South.